My education started with Dance and continued with Communication and Cultural Management. In the following years, I worked the press office for Joaquim Benite Municipal Theatre and Chapitô.

I was building a great career in Comms but fashion had always been my dream so I started studying styling with Pulp Fashion Productions. This led me to an intense and awesome internship with Público where fashion and beauty journalism were newfound pleasures. A couple of years went by, spent working with words and image, until 2016 came and styling and fashion production took once again their place on stage.


And what do I enjoy the most? Travel, art, to forget about time while sitting in the theater, the beach all year round, reading, and spending hours online researching and feeding on beautiful images.

Clients: TAP, Santander, Mercedes, Victorinox Swiss Army, Terzihan, Lufthansa, NOL Jewellers, Maria Avillez Jewellery, Missus Swimsuits, ANSR, SNS24h, Plural/TVI, Fujifilm, Cosmética do Norte.

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